Body maps, poemario en inglés de Elga Reátegui

"Los poemas de Body Maps son musicales, frescos y honestos. Es asimismo introspectivo, un viaje de satisfacción al reflexionar. Refleja diferentes momentos de la vida de una mujer: soledad, lucha, alegría, un ver hacia dentro con un resultado positivo".
Álvaro Torres Calderón

The discovery and re-discovery of the senses of love of understanding of fear an search within and without; there is fear in recognizing who we really are when face to face in front of others. What we want does not have anything with what we really want; there is passion and desire obscuring our reason; there is reason and fear obscuring our desires.
Body maps is the acceptance of the adventure into the discovery of our own horizon; here, Elga opens herself and the reader into the rivers and streams, the roads and mountains, the ups and downs of our body and our souls intermingled forever.
Alvaro Torres Calderon has captured the essence and the soul of Elga Reátegui’s poetry with a masterful, well-crafted translation, in it he shows us its sensibility as a poet.
Miguel López Lemus

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